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Fire Detection

Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable FirePoint Systems V9

Fire Dynamics are the manufacturers and distributors of FirePoint hybrid addressable fire alarm control panels (AFACP) and addressable devices.

In large commercial sites such as schools, factories etc, AFACP are crucial for quick identification. It is imperative that engineers address devices correctly so that the correct information can be viewed on the LCD. 

An AFACP  is as efficient notification system telling you exactly where to go. For example in a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) or a hotel, knowing where to go is vital end users of the equipment, which in turn could be life saving. 

We have been supporting fire alarm installers and maintainers for more than 25 years!

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

An open space installation with less than 10 devices, based on a few rooms or offices does not necessarily require an addressable system.

This is where a Conventional fire alarm control panel (CFACP) can be installed as an option, because the devices can be wired onto specific circuits resulting in zones of the FACP. 

If your installation is a HMO or a building with multi rooms, we recommend an addressable systems, because identification of a specific device in the event of a fault or in the unfortunate event of a fire, is more time consuming to locate.

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment is a report that is carried out on the procedures and practices of a business, HMO, an institution and other establishments in relation to the risk of a person, animal or property in the unfortunate event of a fire. 

The report also covers the composition materials and equipment that could cause and / or aid a fire.

A fire risk assessment can be relevant to both occupied and unoccupied properties.

Give us a call to book an appointment. Prices start from £225.00 + VAT

AOV Systems

AOV Smoke Vent Systems

An Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) operates if a fire signal is received from a fire alarm system. 

In most new developments above a certain amount of floor levels, they are a mandatory requirement.

Contact us to discuss your development.

Air Sampling

VESDA Air Sampling Control System

Air Sampling Systems are essential where the maintenance or accessibility of devices are difficult. By continuously monitoring the air quality even a minute amount of smoke can be detected.

We team up with our installation partners to provide an efficient solution for you.

Fire Extinguishers

We also install, commission and maintain all types of fire extinguishers.

CO2, Foam, H2O or Power units are suitable for 99% of properties.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Fire Dynamics specialises in the installation of Access Control Systems. With growing uncertainties in todays world, having additional security that you can control will give you peace of mind.

Where much higher levels of control is required, systems can also be Secured by Design. Contact us to learn more.

Secure By Design SBD

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems IP

Did you know that the UK has the 2nd highest quantity of CCTV cameras per person in the world. The only country ahead of the UK is China. The UK has an estimated 7 million cameras as of 2022 however the need to protect your property never diminishes.

As well as local CCTV viewing, we also enable remote CCTV viewing so that you can view your property on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

The quality of CCTV images is very important from an identification or a general viewing perspective. All of our systems are installed using High Definition cameras (5MP and above) and Category 6 (CAT6) cable or higher to deliver high resolution images.

Systems start from 4 cameras upwards. Contact us for more information.

Door Entry Systems

Are you a Developer or an individual with a Property Portfolio?

If you are, then Audio (ADE) or Video Door Entry (VDE) Systems will make your property or properties more saleable or easier to rent.

Our colour VDE systems have a simple press to answer button as well as other features on the internal panels. 

Fogging Cannon Systems

Fogging cannon security is the quickest way to protect the inside of your property. In difficult times, phoning the police for help might not be quick enough. A fogging cannon can fill a large space with artificial fog within 20 seconds rendering human vision useless. This fogging cannons are an excellent security investment!

The quickest way to protect your property is with a Fogging Cannon.

A fogging cannon can fill a space with fog is seconds making it impossible for the burglar to steal anything simply because they cannot see.

This is the only security system that can protect you and your valuables with or without an intruder alarm system.

To discuss your requirements Contact us.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Peace of mind is not easy to achieve these days, so having an intruder alarm system to secure your property be it for your home or your place of business is an important investment. 

We provide a complete security solution using only high quality brands with a proven track record. Our system are compliant with Grades 1, 2 and 3.

The brands we work with are Risco Group and Texecom. Both systems are APP compatible. The Texecom APP is free to use. Both systems have beautiful easy to use keypads.

We only install top quality stainless steel bell boxes which are strong, loud and stylish.

Physical Security

A strong lock is only as good as the strength of the door. 

PVC doors, generally come fitted with a reinforced door frame and door. However, wooden doors do not generally have the reinforced fittings. This is where our door strengthening kit can help to improve your security. 

Networking, Fiber Optics and VOIP


Network Switches 1GB, 10GB Managed and Unmanaged.

Fire Dynamics provides complete network solutions for large residential developments, commercial and industrial businesses.

With our expertise you can relax and rely on us to deliver a fully tested network infrastructure using a minimum of CAT6 cable.

We specialise in supporting the Restaurant, Hotel and Hospitality sectors where a network infrastructure serves as the backbone of communication and connectivity for day to day operations.

As a specialist installer our work involves the meticulous installation and organisation of data cables to facilitate smooth data transmission of any device or equipment which might be connected to the network. Data transfer between computers, servers, routers, switches and other networking equipment is easily managed or changed at the patch cabinet.

An Ethernet or Fiber Optic network offers sufficient bandwidth for high speed data transfers which is scalable for when your business grows. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Cable Breakdown

Fiber Optic technology has transformed communication connectivity all over the world. Signals can be sent across the world at the speed of light. 

Fiber Optics is the future and communications and most new property developments in the UK will be fed via Fiber Optics cables. 

If you are a developer and you need a company that fully understands the need for quality installations, then contact us and book a consultation or an installation.

Telecommunications & VOIP

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that working remotely is the new normal.

In order to achieve this, good quality voice connectivity is essential. 

In 2025 BT will be switching off the UK’s analogue telephone network (ISDN and PSTN) so to ensure that your business is fully prepared you need to upgrade to¬† Voice Over Internet Potocol (VOIP) technology soon because your existing service will simply stop working.

Fire Dynamics has been involved in the telecommunication industry since 1996, so we have a great deal of experience and expertise to be able to supply, install and support your telecommunication requirements.

Audio / Visual

Satellite & TV Distribution

Intergrated Systems

Our Fire Dynamics team are experts in the installation and configuration of integration systems. The picture to the left is one of two Central Control Units (CCU) for a multi apartment block of flats in South London.

What you will notice is the uniformity, the methodology and our attention to detail.

The yellow & black multi switch equipment on the right of the picture combines and distributes terrestrial TV and satellite TV signals into every room. Each  connection point is Sky Q ready.

We have been involved in the installation of satellite and TV distribution systems since 1992. We now specialise in blocks of apartments and flats.

Home Cinema

We are experts in the installation of Audio and  Visual equipment. We apply the same attention to detail we give to all our other disciplines.

We can design, specify, supply, install and calibrate your home cinema and multi room set up to suit your lounge entertainment or  home cinema comfort.

From design to handing over the remote controls, we’ll help you every step of the way.