Intergrated Systems

Intergrated Systems Installation

At Fire Dynamics we are CCU integration system specialists.

The integrated Central Control Unit (CCU) picture to the left comprises of Access Control, CCTV, Video Door Entry, Fiber Optics, Satellite & TV distribution for a block of 14 flats. What is not shown is a sub CCU located in another part of the development.

The Access Control system is based on ‘Secure by Design’ which means that entrance to a property cannot be circumvented by tampering with the entrance panel.

We install and test the Fiber Optics for our Developers on behalf of British Telecom (BT) Openreach. We liase directly with the BT FBO’s to ensure that when residents move into their dwelling, their connection has already been proved back to the BT exchange.

“The quality that you can see, is indicative of the quality that you can’t see.” 

Thank you.

Fire Dynamics Team