Networking, Fiber Optics and VOIP


Network Switches 1GB, 10GB Managed and Unmanaged.

In almost every home and business  Information Technology (IT) networking has become a standard requirement irrespective of it being wired or wireless.

If you have a router, computer and a printer, the connection between them forms a simple network.

Category cables (CAT6 upwards) installed in your property, forms a network infrastructure. 

Fire Dynamics provides complete network solutions for small or large commercial businesses. We specialise in the support of the restaurant and hotel industry.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Cable Breakdown

Fiber Optic technology has transformed communication connectivity all over the world. Signals can be sent across the world at the speed of light. 

Fiber Optics is the future and communications and most new property developments in the UK will be fed via Fiber Optics cables. 

If you are a developer and you need a company that fully understands the need for quality installations, then contact us and book a consultation or an installation.

Telecommunications & VOIP

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that working remotely is the new normal.

In order to achieve this, good quality voice connectivity is essential. 

In 2025 BT will be switching off the UK’s analogue telephone network (ISDN and PSTN) so to ensure that your business is fully prepared you need to upgrade to¬† Voice Over Internet Potocol (VOIP) technology soon because your existing service will simply stop working.

Fire Dynamics has been involved in the telecommunication industry since 1996, so we have a great deal of experience and expertise to be able to supply, install and support your telecommunication requirements.